David Roesel

Random picture from my travels.
New York, NY, USA

Welcome to my personal and academic space!

I am an experimental physicist interested in unconventional microscopy techniques and their applications. I obtained my PhD at the Laboratory for fundamental biophotonics (LBP) group at EPFL, Switzerland and I am currently a postdoc in the Plasmonic microscopy group at the Heyrovský Institute of Physical Chemistry, CAS in Prague. If you like my research and would like to talk to me, please reach out to me!

Research related

If you'd like to know what I am working on, please have a look at my research page, which outlines both current and previous projects that I have been a part of. In case you're just looking for a quick overview:

Other interests

I spend a lot of time in the lab, but I have a wide variety of other interests as well. Despite not being mentioned in talks and publications, many of these play a key role in my research efforts and I would be delighted to talk to you about them.

  • I am really into 3D printing, enough to build my own 3D printer. I believe that paired with CAD modelling, 3D printing becomes a superpower in life experimental research.
  • I am a fan of space exploration and especially Mars rovers. My friend and I even built one for fun.
  • I support open-source, and believe that it should always be the first choice, especially in science. I maintain an open-source Python library for controlling Thorlabs Elliptec™ devices.
  • I love automating things (hardware and software), and I usually use Python to do it. I have designed and implemented high-throughput acquisition routines both in academia (for my master's degree and my PhD) and in industry (Czech Vacuum and Oryl Photonics).
  • I am an amateur photographer. The vast majority of images on this website come from my camera and a dedicated photography page is coming soon™. Until then, you can have a look at my New Year wishes.
  • I like coding, linux, and selfhosting, which is why I run and manage a community hosting project which hosts various services and websites (including this one).
  • I like the idea of citizen science and run a weather station sensor node for Sensor.Community, as well as a Raspberry Pi ADS-B FlightAware receiver.

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