David Roesel

Random picture from my travels.
Killarney National Park, ON, Canada


I am currently in the third year of my PhD studies at EPFL (Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne) in Switzerland. I am working on my thesis in the Laboratory for fundamental biophotonics (LBP) under the supervision of Prof. Sylvie Roke. In my free time, I tinker with small technological projects, code and travel.

What will you find here?

In the research section, you can have a look at a short description of my current research, as well as past research topics I have focused on during my studies both at FNSPE CTU and elsewhere. In the summer projects section, you will find what research I took part in out of school, mostly during summer schools and other similar events.

In the other sections, you will also find my CV as well as a few links to other interesting websites and projects.

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