David Roesel

Random picture from my travels.
Chicago, IL, USA


I am a student of FNSPE CTU in Prague in my last year of a masters program specializing in Optics and Nanostructures. I am currently working on my diploma thesis with the topic Synthesis and characterization of semiconductor nanostructures in the nanomaterial group of Ing. Jan Grym Ph.D. at the Institute of Photonics and Electronics of the Czech Academy of Sciences. In my free time, I tinker with small technological projects, code and travel.

What will you find here?

In the research section, you can have a look at a short description of my current research, as well as past research topics I have focused on during my studies at FNSPE CTU. In the summer projects section, you will find what research I took part in out of school, mostly during summer schools and other similar events.

In the other sections, you will also find my CV as well as a few links to other interesting websites and projects.

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